Tutu Care

Your purchase will come folded in a gift box and will require a bit of fluffing upon arrival.  First,  you will want to hang the tutu over the top of any normal hanger, then, fluff (see instructions below).

To Fluff

You will start with the inside layers first and work your way out by running your hands through each of the layers carefully. Please take into consideration when fluffing if you have embellishments like rhinestones or flowers on your top layers. Once you have worked your way through the tutu by pulling and fluffing thru all the layers, we highly recommend hanging your tutu in your bathroom and running a hot shower for 5-10 minutes to get out any creases. You may prefer to use a steamer, but again, please be very careful not to get to close, especially if your tutu has embellishments on it.  Downy wrinkle-release also works great to remove any wrinkles.  

On that Special Day

You will want to place the tutu on your little princess and re-fluff while it is on her.  You will pull at each layer and seperate it from each color.  This will help give a "perfect" look.

To Clean

You will want to take a cold damp rag and carefully clean the soiled area.  Never machine wash the tutu and you will not want to apply any heat to it, whether it be an iron, hot water or a dryer.